ERIC, which stands for Educational Resources Information Center, is the principal database for searching the periodical literature in education (more than 800 education and education-related journals), and it also covers a broad range of other resources, often referred as the unpublished, gray, or fugitive literature, in education. Materials retrieved in a search of the ERIC database are assigned either EJ (for ERIC journal) or ED (for ERIC document) numbers, and these unique accession number designations are useful and in some cases critical in retrieving the full texts of the documents themselves. You will find a very good overview of the major ERIC components on the U.S. government ERIC site, and the main page also provides a link to Help.

Our library provides access when possible to the full text of e-journal articles (EJ materials) by means of the Article Linker feature, but this mechanism does not provide access to ERIC documents (ED materials) in all cases.

For further information on finding ERIC documents, see our guide. Most ERIC documents dating from mid-1992 to present are available in full text online through the ERIC website at, and most ERIC documents up to June 1992 are available on microfiche and can be retrieved from storage for use in the library. ERIC documents with accession numbers up to ED348464 may be requested by contacting us and providing the ED number you need.

We do in fact make ERIC available from three different providers; these ERIC iterations do not differ in content or searchability, but each offers distinct search interfaces and also differing degrees of linkage to full text documents. These "versions" of ERIC are:

  • ERIC (ProQuest) - Provides linkage to e-journal articles, when available, but not to ERIC documents 
  • ERIC (EBSCO) - Provides linkage to both e-journal articles and ERIC documents, when available 
  • ERIC (U.S. government site) Provides linkage to ERIC documents, when available, but not to e-journal articles

A complementary database is Education Full Text, which indexes periodicals, monographs, and yearbooks only and which covers for the most part "core" journals in education (a considerably smaller list of journals compared to ERIC) and for the years 1984 to present (as compared to 1966 to present for ERIC). A related database, Education Index Retrospective, covers the periodical literature in education from 1929 through 1983. See the Education Full Text Knowledge Base article for more information on this resource.