The more you know about an article, the easier it is to find. Helpful information includes:

  • journal title
  • publication date / year
  • volume and issue numbers
  • article title
  • starting page number

If you have enough identifying information, you may be able to use the Citation Builder tool on the library's website. It prompts you to enter appropriate citation information a form below and press the 'Look Up' button, and it will generate a list of full text options.

With enough information you can also search for the journal title in the library’s list of e-journals. When you find it, be sure that the subscription you click on covers the date you require. You will be prompted to enter more specific information to bring up your desired article.

Some journals are covered by two or more electronic subscriptions. If you encounter a glitch with a subscription, return to the list and try another one. We also would appreciate it if you report the problem, so we can make sure that it is fixed. You can report a problem through the support page, choosing “I am having trouble with a different library webpage or electronic resource” from the dropdown menu.

If we don’t have electronic access to the journal or our coverage does not extend to the date you are looking for, search EDUCAT to see if we have a print copy of the title.

If you still can’t find the journal, look for it in the Columbia Libraries’ list of e-journals. If they don’t have it online, search CLIO to see if they have it in print.

If you found an article in a database, but there is no full text link...

If you find a citation in a database for an article you want to read but the database does not have a full-text link, click on “Article Linker.” This will connect you to additional options for finding the full-text article.

In some cases, it will link you to another database that may have the particular journal you are looking for.

It will also link you to:


Columbia’s e-Resources

CLIO (Columbia’s Catalog)


Be sure to click on these links. Many times it will take you to an online or print version of the journal within Teachers College’s or Columbia’s holdings.

If, however, you still can’t get a full-text copy of the article you’re looking for, please make an appointment with a librarian or request it from another library.