Use the familiar Google search to search for the full text of scholarly articles available through Teachers College and Columbia University Libraries.

Start at the 
Google Scholar search page.

To limit your search to local resources, first click on “Scholar Preferences” in the upper left corner.

Interface Language: Use the drop-down menu to select the language for Google tips and messages.

Search Language: Click on the language or languages of the articles you retrieve.

Library Links: Type the name Teachers College in the search box and click Search.

Click on the boxes for: 

  • Teachers College Library, Columbia University – Full-Text @ TC 
  • Columbia University Libraries – e-Link @ Columbia
  • COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY – Full Text@IngentaConnect

Number of Results: Use the dropdown menu to select the number of results per page.

Results Window: Click box to open search results in a new browser window.

Bibliography Manager: Click and use the pull-down menu to select a format for exporting citations to a bibliographic manager like EndNote.

Click on the Save Preferences to maintain your changes.