JSTOR (which originally stood for Journal Storage) is an online archive of over 1,200 leading scholarly journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other materials valuable for academic work.

Journals are always included from volume 1, issue 1 and include previous and related titles.  The most recently published issues (the past 3-5 years) are not available.  This embargo feature, called the "Moving Wall," can often be bypassed through the availability of more recent issues from other e-journal providers.

JSTOR does not compare to the breadth of coverage of more subject-specific databases, such as ERIC for education or PsycINFO for psychology--in education, JSTOR covers only 116 journals, and in psychology, it covers only 13 journals--but in depth of coverage, in some cases providing full-text access to issues dating from the early 20th or late 19th centuries, it is incomparable.

There is a useful set of tutorials dealing with basic and advanced search strategies, Browse and Citation Locator features, and remote access protocols.

JSTOR is also available through the Columbia University Libraries and can be accessed at http://www.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/cul/resolve?AMG1286.

NB:  it is useful to know that our library's subscription to JSTOR covers only selected journals (62 in education, eight in psychology), so you may want to access the database via Columbia, at the URL above, for the most complete coverage of journal content.