Databases are collections of online resources that can include multiple publication formats and information types. There are databases of books, images, primary sources, and more. Databases of academic journals and articles are commonly used in research. A periodical index is a type of database that includes citations or bibliographical information for periodical literature, which can include academic journals, newspapers, magazines etc. Often databases include the full text of the resource, usually in pdf form. Some databases will only include the bibliographical information and potentially the abstract.

Gottesman Libraries provide access to a number of databases that can be searched through the A-Z Database List. Our database subscriptions are tailored towards research in Education, Health, and Psychology.

The Columbia University Libraries (CUL) subscribe to a collection of databases complementary to and sometimes overlapping with those to which our library subscribes. These can be accessed by clicking on the Databases tab in CLIO on the left. You can filter by discipline and resource type when searching for databases. 

Both Gottesman Libraries and Columbia Libraries provide access to services that allow you to search multiple databases at once, including EBSCOHost.

Since our library and the Columbia University Libraries provide access to some of the same databases, it is useful to keep in mind alternative routes to the same online resources in the event of unforeseen outages or connection problems through either of the websites.