The term "database" covers a broad range of online resources, and includes indexes to periodical literature, catalogs of books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, and collections of images and other non-bibliographic data.  While the term is sometimes narrowly used to refer to a searchable index of journal articles, the broadest definition comprises multiple publication and information types.

A comprehensive alphabetical list of online or electronic databases accessible through the Gottesman Libraries can be accessed from the Databases link under the Library Resources category on our main library site. There are also listings of databases categorized by publication type and by Teachers College academic department accessible by clicking on by genre or by department.

The Columbia University Libraries (CUL) subscribe to a collection of databases complementary to and sometimes overlapping with those to which our library subscribes, and these can be accessed by clicking on the Databases tab on the CUL website.  There is also a separate databases page through which it is possible to customize a search of available databases by subject, by resource type, and by title or keyword.  This feature allows you to identify specific types of electronic resources relevant to research in a particular subject area (for example, databases that enable you to find journal articles in the social sciences).

Since our library and the Columbia University Libraries provide access to some of the same databases, it is useful to keep in mind alternative routes to the same online resources in the event of unforeseen outages or connection problems through either of the websites.