PsycINFO, which is produced by the American Psychological Association (APA) and is the online equivalent of Psychological Abstracts, provides citations and abstracts for journal articles, books, book chapters, and dissertations in psychology and related disciplines, including medicine, psychiatry, sociology, education, pharmacology, physiology, and linguistics.  The inclusive years of coverage are 1806 to present.

PsycINFO via Ovid is  available from the Columbia University Libraries (CUL), at (this page is a menu of Ovid databases available from the Columbia University Libraries; PsycINFO and/or others can be selected from the list).  Linkage to full text journal articles is provided through e-Link when articles are available online through CUL's e-journal subscriptions.

A related and complementary suite of resources, also produced by the American Psychological Association, is APA PsycNET, accessible from the Databases list on our library's website.  PsycNET is comprised of:

  • PsycARTICLES, a full text database of journals published by APA and other publishers in subject areas such as applied psychology, health, theory, research, social/personality psychology, and more; 
  • PsycBOOKS, a full text database of APA books, classic books, and entries from the Encyclopedia of Psychology; 
  • PsycEXTRA, a "gray literature" database.  Gray literature is material written for professionals and disseminated outside of peer-reviewed journals.  Documents include newsletters, magazines, newspapers, technical and annual reports, government reports, consumer brochures, and more.

The PsycNET databases can be searched individually or in the aggregate.