Extensive information on and resources pertaining to New York State public school curricula, including learning standards, core curricula, toolkits, and assessment materials (tests, Regents Examination information, schedules, etc.) can be found on the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) page of the New York State Education Department (NYSED) website.

The NYSED website itself provides a wealth of related information on all aspects of the state's education system.  See in particular the A-Z Index for ready access to NYSED programs and services.

Many curriculum materials may also be found through the ERIC database, by combining various of the terms "New York" or "New York State" with the keyword "curricul*" and/or the appropriate publication type or types for guides (classroom, non-classroom, teacher, learner, etc.).

Another very valuable resource for curriculum materials of all kinds, searchable by subject area, grade level, state, and other criteria, is the Kraus Curriculum Development Library (kcdlonline), which is accessible via the EDUCAT record for Kraus Curriculum Development Library [electronic resource] or from the Databases list accessible from the top page of the library's website.