The Gottesman Libraries maintain substantial collections representing the use of elementary and secondary school textbooks and other teaching materials in the development of education. Notable collections include:

  • American textbooks published before 1900
  • International education textbooks and documents
  • A complete set of textbooks published by Ginn
  • The David E. Smith Collection of writings on mathematics education. 
  • Textbooks from the 20th century represent a selective variety of publishing houses and a wide variety of subjects
  • Printed curriculum courses of study date primarily from the 20th century and reflect teaching practice in all disciplines across the country, with newer materials available online and older materials on microfilm
  • Non-print curriculum collections include audiovisual materials, three-dimensional objects, printed games, children’s artwork, exemplary software and multimedia, and numerous other resources used in teaching and learning

To search the curriculum collection on Educat+, click the Advanced Search option and change the Search For selection to Curriculum:

You can also search by Subject, both in a general Educat+ and in Curriculum specifically. For an introduction to subject headings and searching by them in Educat+, see Searching by Subject on Educat+

Textbooks have particularly tricky subject headings. The search query for them is as follows: 

[school subject]--Study and Teaching ([level]) 

This format works for almost all subjects and levels. For example, if to find geography textbooks for elementary school children, change the above template to the following:

Geography--Study and Teaching (elementary)

To search for any art textbooks for continuing education students, the query would look like the following: 

Art--Study and Teaching (continuing education) 

Please note that that the names of the subjects and levels are not always intuitive. For example, you need to search "mathematics" not "math" as a subject. To check for the authoritative subject heading for the subject you are interested in, you can consult the Library of Congress Authorities, or just ask a librarian. 

Here is a list of the possible terms for levels: 

  • Early childhood
  • Preschool
  • Primary
  • Middle school
  • Secondary
  • Higher
  • Graduate
  • Continuing Education (or sometimes just "Continuing")

Also note that searching "textbook" as a subject will note retrieve textbooks but instead books that are about textbooks. That is, the results will have textbooks as one of their subjects.

If you have questions, just submit a ticket and a librarian will help you with your search.