Tests, measurements, evaluations, and instruments refer to the methods by which researchers collect data for research. They are often in the form of questionnaires, surveys, etc. and utilize standardized scales.

Our library does not maintain a print test collection, and it is often difficult to find actual tests and measures online.

There are a number of databases that provide extensive information about tests and measures, though not the actual instruments themselves. One of these is the Mental Measurements Yearbook; it is available through Gottesman Libraries and can be found in our A-Z Database ListAnother database is Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HaPI), which can be accessed through CLIO: Find it @CU.

It is also possible to search ERIC (Find it @Gottesman) and PsycINFO (Find it @CU) by specific test name, since an instrument is sometimes introduced or included in a journal article, or occasionally made available as an ERIC document. It is worth checking Digital Dissertations as well, since a dissertation will sometimes include as an appendix an instrument used in its research study.

The College's Dean Hope Center for Educational and Psychological Services (CEPS) maintains a test collection, but access is restricted to authorized users.  Please consult the  website for further information.