The Gottesman Libraries maintains an art collection for research purposes. Patrons who want reproductions of artworks should be directed to the digital collection in PocketKnowledge (PK).

If items in these collections are University-only access, then a community member will need a PK account to access them that is validated with their UNI. For others, archive requests should be made according to the library policy

The PocketKnowledge Viewer is a great place to search for images, but ultimately the files must be downloaded from the corresponding PK Item page. 

Obtaining and Printing Images:

(1) Find the corresponding item in PocketKnowledge (as opposed to the "Viewer"). Go to and search for the image's title. You will find a page like this one

(2) Download the desired file on these pages (often the third thumbnail is the highest-resolution image available). Note: for items with University-only access, a UNI-authenticated PocketKnowledge account is needed.

(3) Determine the optimal print size. The image may also benefit from manipulation prior to printing.

(4) We recommend the Columbia University print shop (located at the journalism school) for large-format printing. 

(5) Find a local framer. In the past, Jack's Art Gallery (on Broadway & 111th St) has been very helpful.

Getting a PocketKnowledge account:

(1) Go to

(2) Click the "Create an Account Now!" link which is halfway down the lefthand side of the page.

(3) Fill out the form. Be sure to check "Yes" for the Affiliation Question "Do you have a CUNIX ID for Columbia University?" -- this will ensure that you can create a University-affiliated account.

(4) Log in. You will also get a confirmation email.

Once you have this account, you will be able to access files that are restricted to the Columbia University community.