Phones can be checked out at the first floor at the Service Desk in Russell Hall.

When it comes time to use the phone, you will dial 1, 6, index (authorization code), 9, 1, (phone number with area code included). The authorization code will typically come from the department you work for or represent. If you do not have an authorization code, there are two alternatives:

1) There is a cord that will attach to most cell phones. You can request this cord at the first floor Service Desk. Simply attach the cord from your cell phone to the corresponding port on the conference phone. Please note that this will utilize whatever phone plan you subscribe to -- so it will use up minutes unless you are on an unlimited plan. Also, it will have the same signal strength as the cell phone it is connected to. Random spots in any building might have signal interference.

2) If you have an iPhone, there is a separate adapter to pick up in addition to the cord that goes from phone to conference phone. This is also available at the first floor Service Desk.

If the conference phone does not function for any reason, you may always call the library support desk at x4184 or the services desk at x3494.