Educational exhibitions are mounted in partnership with the Teachers College community and others with an interest in displaying unique and innovative educational materials, while also regularly showcasing Teachers College's Historical Art Collections. 

The library has several spaces in Russell Hall to exhibit diverse materials, and also features digital and web-based exhibitions when possible. 

Exhibition Application 

Please submit your answers to the questions below as a Support Request (you can add an attachment). Library staff will review this application and respond with next steps.

1. Contact Information




2. Description of the Exhibition (max. 500 words):

3. Artist's Statement (max. 500 words).

Please also use Appendix A to describe the items to be exhibited (below).

4. Proposed Exhibition Text

Please include or attach a copy of the proposed introductory text, the exhibition announcement, and other explanatory texts.

5. Applicant's Status

Are you an artist, faculty, academic professional, student (include Degree and Year, and, if possible, a faculty sponsor), alumni (include Degree and Year), or other (please explain)? Use Appendix B if there is more than one exhibitor.

6. Resume(s)

Please attach a resume for all applicants/exhibitors. When applicable, resumes should include artist statements, a list of previous exhibitions, gallery affiliations, awards, philanthropic interests, and professional memberships.

7. Benefits to the Community

How does your show benefit the Teachers College community and its diverse interests (educational equity, social change, research, etc.)?

8. Preferred Schedule

Exhibition dates (exhibitions generally run for six weeks): Reception details (optional):

APPENDIX A: Description of pieces

1. Title of work, approximate size/medium, hanging/installation details




12.APPENDIX B: Artists Represented (if applicable)



TC Program/Year: