Adding Library Resource Permalinks To Canvas Courses

Instead of uploading a PDF of an article, chapter, and other course documents, please use a permalink whenever possible. This allows the students to gain direct access to the resource from the database or publisher’s platform, allowing them to interact with the resource in a number of ways, including accessibility options. Detailed instructions for adding library resource links to Canvas can be found here.

You can find permalinks to search results and individual items in Educat+ by clicking on the interlaced chains symbol in the upper right hand corner of each returned search result, and within the catalog record for the item.

How To Find A Permalink

  1. Do not use the URL located in the browser bar. These links are likely to change, and stability is not guaranteed. 

  2. Every database and publisher platform is different. Use context clues and search for phrases like permalinkstable link, or share

  3. The permalink may be hidden behind an icon commonly represented by two chain links.

  4. Be sure to test your links after adding them to Canvas to ensure student access.

Examples From Commonly Used Library Resources

There are multiple ways to locate a permalink. Please see examples from common sources below.




Taylor & Francis

APA PsycNet

Adding The Gottesman Libraries Proxy Login

Gottesman Libraries subscribes to OCLC's EZProxy service to automatically ask students and faculty to login with their UNI and password to access library resources. You must append the proxy to the beginning of a permalink. 

Most databases and vendors automatically include our proxy in permalinks. You will know a link to a TC resource includes the proxy when you see in the link, and you will know a CU resource includes their proxy when you see in the link. Library users can use all resources and login in both instances.

For Gottesman Libraries' resource permalinks, please add:

Example   ➕

The link will resolve in the browser bar, and prompt the user to authenticate with their UNI and password.

Adding the Columbia University Libraries Proxy Login

Columbia University Libraries also subscribes to OCLC’s EZProxy service to authenticate students and faculty by logging in with their UNI and password. 

For Columbia University resource permalinks, please add the following proxy prefix to the stable link provided on the publisher's website as shown in the example above: 

Please use the links below for more information on Columbia University Libraries' proxy service options:

Expired Links

All web resource links experience link rot, and may become unavailable. If your link has expired, conduct a new search and add the new link to your Canvas course. To report a service interruption, access issue, or if you have any questions regarding expired links, please contact for assistance.

Adapted from the Permalinks LibGuide developed at the University of Cincinnati Libraries.