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Students reserve spaces in the library by leaving books and computers

The library is a peaceful place to study, but the space is very limited for the number of students. That is why it is so frustrating to see so many desks and tables reserved for students who are in class, at lunch, or just wanted to make sure they'll have a space in a few hours. Even as I type here on the third floor, I can see 4-5 places that people reserve with their books, bags, or other things. Those people have been gone for the past 3 hours, but their books and computers are taking up space at the prime spots, those with outlets, or with personal desk space, near the windows.

Perhaps there is a system we could use. For example, if we notice some leaves their bag for more than 30 minutes, we can bring it to a lost and found section.

It's just frustrating not having a seat with an outlet when I have work to do, yet seeing several computers which having been touched in hours charging at otherwise empty desks. If there is any way you could help with this, it would be much appreciated. 

Thank you,

Joel Henderson

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